Composition of hot melt adhesives

The possible components of the hot melt adhesive formulation relate to their performance and processing properties. The main components of a hot melt adhesive and their role are:

The base polymer

It is the molecular backbone of systems, and it is used to provide inherent strength and chemical resistance as well as application characteristics.

Sticky agents

They are added to improve the initial adhesion and to modify the base polymer.

Processing oils and waxes

They are used to adjust viscosity and setting times. Tackifiers and processing materials will affect the low temperature flexibility and high temperature strength of the final adhesive.


They are used to refine certain properties such as melt viscosity, coefficient of thermal expansion, setting time, etc.


They are used to ensure resistance to oxidation - rather for the polymer in the applied state than for the final joint.

UV inhibitors

They are used to provide stability to light exposure.