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Polyvinyl alcohol - manufacture by blending

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a white to yellowish solid. PVA is a thermoplastic used as a binder or thickener in adhesives and paints. It is found in finished products such as adhesives, cosmetics and in solid board as a filler. PVA is water soluble and is therefore also used for the production of water soluble films.


Some types of PVA are biodegradable. Due to the rapid solubility in water at cold and hot temperatures to make the formulations more soluble in water.

Polyvinyl alcohol - manufacture by blending

PVA Advantages

  • Does not foam when dissolved in water
  • Excellent properties of the gas barrier film
  • Highly polar (non-ionic) versatile polymer, compatible with many ingredients.
  • Viscosity in aqueous phase which is hardly affected by pH.
  • Strong hydrogen bond for use in dispersants
  • Tolerant to inorganic and organic salt