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Polyvinyl alcohol - manufacture by blending

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a white to yellowish solid. PVA is a thermoplastic used as a binder or thickener in adhesives and paints. It is found in finished products such as adhesives, cosmetics and in solid board as a filler. PVA is water soluble and is therefore also used for the production of water soluble films.


Some types of PVA are biodegradable. Due to the rapid solubility in water at cold and hot temperatures to make the formulations more soluble in water.

Polyvinyl alcohol - manufacture by blending

PVA Advantages

  • Does not foam when dissolved in water
  • Excellent properties of the gas barrier film
  • Highly polar (non-ionic) versatile polymer, compatible with many ingredients.
  • Viscosity in aqueous phase which is hardly affected by pH.
  • Strong hydrogen bond for use in dispersants
  • Tolerant to inorganic and organic salt

Custom blend of water-based polymers

There are many reasons for (partially) outsourcing your blend production to Intercol. It is a growing trend that companies decide to put the responsibility of non-essential production to external partners, who have specific know-how and an efficient production process. Intercol has proven to several companies that we are a strong partner in Western Europe.

Use our experience!

Custom blend of water-based polymers


  • state-of-the-art analytical capabilities
  • well-equipped QC laboratory;
  • energetic staff;
  • process and product development
  • mixing and mixing
  • low viscosity waxes
  • high viscosity (thermoplastic) polymer blends
  • mixture of rubber compounds
  • dilution and mixing of powders in water;
  • the mixture of polymer dispersions
  • blend of polyurethanes (eg, potting compounds);
  • making thermoplastic products (for example, hot melt adhesives)
  • powdered prilling;
  • pelletizing of products
  • product granulation
  • emulsions and dispersions
  • all water based;
  • waxes, resins or polymers;
  • bulk storage capacity, experience and advice for setting up a central gluing system at customers' premises
  • delivery by 23 ton tanker, 1 mt ibc, 200 kg PE drums.

Composition of hot melt adhesives

The possible components of the hot melt adhesive formulation relate to their performance and processing properties. The main components of a hot melt adhesive and their role are:

The base polymer

It is the molecular backbone of systems, and it is used to provide inherent strength and chemical resistance as well as application characteristics.

Sticky agents

They are added to improve the initial adhesion and to modify the base polymer.

Processing oils and waxes

They are used to adjust viscosity and setting times. Tackifiers and processing materials will affect the low temperature flexibility and high temperature strength of the final adhesive.


They are used to refine certain properties such as melt viscosity, coefficient of thermal expansion, setting time, etc.


They are used to ensure resistance to oxidation - rather for the polymer in the applied state than for the final joint.

UV inhibitors

They are used to provide stability to light exposure.


Each year, we talk to hundreds of companies and manufacturers about their hot melt adhesive needs.

Availability of hot melt adhesives in Europe

Intercol is not only a producer of adhesives, but also an important adhesive distribution partner in the industry. This makes us one of the leading suppliers of hot melt products in Europe.

Intercol is able to do a full comparison for prospects and customers against the competition. Given the research history, we can usually make a good adhesive proposal on paper. Our great added value is the additional research on the properties of adhesives in our laboratory.

Adhesives manufacturing

The markets we serve are: Automotive / Transportation, Electronics, Industrial Assembly, Medical / Hygiene, Packaging / Paper, Building / Construction, Energy / Utilities, Maintenance / Repair / MRO, and Metal Processing.

Unique applications

Because we work intensively with manufacturers in packaging, construction, textiles, flooring, wood panels, solar energy and dozens of other industries. We are able to develop and produce unique industrial adhesives, including products used as sealants, coatings and specialty materials.

An extensive range always in stock

Many of our adhesives, raw materials and hotmelts are used in packaging, labeling, woodworking, product assembly, bookbinding and converting applications such as the production of self-adhesive tapes, films and labels. adhesives.

For good hot melt adhesive advice, we can always recommend one of our products in stock!

Hot melt adhesives and adhesives